Saturday, November 14, 2009

The luckiest one...

at the Common Cod fashion show last night was ME. I was wearing Rebecca's showstopping design, Tesla!

NOT ONLY was I wearing it for the event, but it will be mine after a stint as a store sample at Windsor Button. All mine! These photos don't do it justice, really (though I am fond of the grainy quality created by the fast shutter speed) ... I'll provide a link as soon as the official show photos are available. For now, Rebecca has a few nice photos on Flickr here.

Rebecca wore my design, something I've called the Redred Trapeze Jacket (love these default names). She's also wearing a hat I got at a flea market in Bavaria. I think she looks like a Tim Burton heroine.

Just a shot of the back for now:

It was such a fun time. I love makin' stuff.


Anonymous said...

wow, both of these sweaters look awesome!

Mildawg said...

You look positively fantastic.

craftivore said...

That is a very, very cool vest. I love the contrast colored cable, dramatic. Love the red zigzags too. Change of employment has been good to your creativity.