Sunday, January 31, 2010


This year I actually made some knitting resolutions, so I thought I'd hold myself to them by discussing them here. First, learn new techniques by knitting patterns I've been meaning to knit for months... years...

First project: The Emily Dickinson Shawl by knit/lab.

I did indeed use cobweb weight shetland, knit on Addi Turbo lace needles purchased specially for this project. I learned to add beads to my knitting using a tiny tiny tiny crochet hook. Here it is:

Okay, now I just need to block it. I highly recommend this pattern; it's exceptionally well written and, despite the fact that it was a lot of garter stitch, was addictive to knit.

Second resolution: Rework and standardize my older patterns, particularly the free ones that sort of accumulated before I had the (still haphazard but more controlled) design process that I do now. Several are in progress! Stay tuned!

What are your knitting resolutions this year?


Andrea said...

That shawl looks intense! I made the resolution to learn to do stranded colorwork. I want to make Christmas stockings so I figure I can put it off until at least August :)

nicole said...

I made no knitting resolutions, as I'm trying to limit the amount of pressure I put on myself (it's a painfully busy and stressful time at work right now).

But oh, how I love this shawl!! Gossamer shetland, are you kidding me? Pure heaven. Can't wait to see yours blocked!

grammynan said...

Mind if I ask where you got the wool for the shawl? Jamieson & Smith do not appear to have your color.

Binnie Brennan said...

Beautiful shawl! One of my knitting resolutions was to try new techniques, so I followed your yellow-on-yellow pattern with a mind to conquering prov. cast-on and kitchener stitch. Success! Not so much yellow as terra-cotta-on-green... I LOVE it! Just in time for the cold snap. Thank you for the great pattern.

craftivore said...

Oh my god, cobweb weight! It looks like a very sinfully delicate thing. Hmm, I think you read my long list of resolutions... I need to knit some kind of colorwork item with the pile of Reynolds Whiskey that I've accumulated.