Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reknits and Revisions

Earlier I mentioned that I'm reworking a lot of my early published patterns to make them consistent with my newer ones (lord, was I blathery in some of those early attempts)... the most recent revision is the Nouveau Sack Hat, now available through Knit Picks for $1.99. I used Andean Treasure yarn, an awesome alpaca for the price. The main color, Midnight Heather, is much more multifaceted than any of the photos demonstrate; I constantly held the ball up to the sun to peer at the colors which working with it. Photos? Here ya go!

Knit Picks photo on cute model:

Photo on me at home (wearing what? Seriously, I think I took this photo against my bathroom door on my way into the shower).

So now you can download your copy for $1.99!

Next up in the old pattern revision plan: Lauren. Be warned: The price of the pattern will be going up from $3.00 to $5.00 after revision, so if you want your $3.00 copy, get it within the next few weeks! The new version will be improved, but if you buy now, I can and will send you the revised version as soon as it comes out (Ravelry has a feature for this).

P.S. The Lauren I'm knitting right now is in Malabrigo Frank Ochre, the favorite of all my favorite grellows. King of kings in the land of yellowgrellow.

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Mildawg said...

Who says you aren't as cute as the "real" model?