Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nordic Style Custom

I got to do some fabulously absurd knitting for a show this August:

In the Boston area on August 5? Come check out my friend Brian's Guus and what a lot of other artists have done with them! You can see details of my contribution here.

Oh, and I'm in the new Knitscene, too, and my project has the honor of being the only one modeled by a guy (yay!), as well as that of being one of the only garments that is not being tugged, pulled, or otherwise fiddled with by the model. Everyone! Get your hands off your garments! Are all these poses hiding poor construction or poor fitting, or are they just bad poses? Who knows? Just cut it out!

Back to the hat. This is an awesome hat, cozy and fitted, nice and tight around the ears. It's all in the round, can be made in any worsted-weight yarns, and the ribbing pattern is so intuitive you'll hardly have to look at the pattern! I love it! I almost forgot I made it, but here it is!


Thea said...

That hat is great!! I love the stitch definiton in that pattern!

craftivore said...

ZOMG! You are having the most wonderful summer, knitting, Tour De France, Iceland, I'm dying. Congrats on your Knitscene hat, I bet lots of them will be made!

Domestic Goddess Ltd. said...

Congratulations on making the Knitscene scene. Nice pattern. and the vacation - oh, I'm so jealous!