Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things that encourage me to just keep knitting right now

... since I can see, off in the distance, the end of the sample knitting for the book. Some inspiration for what I will knit next:

Folktale Patchwork Handspun (I just purchased two skeins after waiting several months for Abby, the fiber artist behind Folktale, to reopen her shop after a move). There will be a project in the book using this yarn (I ideally wanted to use my own handspun, but time constraints prevented me. Plus, I like to share products that I love and that others can purchase).

The new Rowan. The cover alone makes me want to knit, makes me happy that I do knit. I actually have the yarns to make that scarf. Today, after 13 hours of work yesterday and four hours of sleep last night, I feel confident that I will make the dress, too. Thinking about what shoes I will wear with it gets me part way there, right?

For some book project updates, see Andrea's blog. She's been a champion with the garter stitch. You'll see... there's. a. lot. of it.

Bedtime! Thanks for the awesome comments about my interview!


choo choo knits said...

sometimes Rowan just hits the ball out of the park with patterns like that!

and WOW - that yarn is pretty amazing (too bad I'm on a yarn diet right now) :o)

Chris said...

I totally hear you about that dress and scarf. I think I gasped out loud when I saw the cover at my LYS yesterday. And I LOVE Folktale yarns.

craftivore said...

ZOMG! Must rush out and buy the new Rowan now.

Stephanie said...

Hi Ann,

I've been reading your blog for quite a while, but I doubt that I've left a comment before. (I'm rather silent on the Internet.) I absolutely love the colors of that handspun yarn. I like to knit with colorful yarn, as I don't enjoy stranded colorwork, as beautiful as that Rowan pattern is. I'm sjn821 on Ravelry. If you want to check out my projects to determine my skill level and what types of items I like to knit, we could talk if you need still need help with sample knitting. Maybe you have something that might be a good fit for me. I've really appreciated the online knitting community this year and would like to help out, if possible.

Sincerely, Stephanie

Domestic Goddess Ltd. said...

Zowie, the scarf AND the dress? Yes, four hours of sleep following a thirteen hour work day will do that to a knitter. I guess we think, "OK, after all that if I'm still standing, it must mean I am invincible."

But I admire your conviction, because there's no way I'd look at that Rowan cover and decide to make those projects - not even for the fabulous shoes that would have to accompany them!