Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MORE new designs! And info!

Hello everyone! My all-new website is THIS CLOSE to being up, hard copies of the book are on their way to me and should arrive tomorrow, and the nice folks at Ravelry are going to assemble the individual patterns there into an ebook. I was hoping to get everything all set tonight, but, frankly, I'm tired. So check it.

So here's more new! I did a design for the Sanguine Gryphon's fall Steampunk line of patterns. Here it is, the Possum Belly Hobo, a zippered jacket with tall asymmetrical collar, lots of buttons, and RIVETS. The pattern also includes full instructions and schematics for both man's and woman's versions, because this is a fitted piece and men and women have different proportions. It's knit in QED, which is 100% BFL worsted AMAZING.

So, not as cool in terms of styling, but here are a few photos of me wearing the woman's version that show the details. The color of this one is Imad Ul-Din.

On the woman's version, the rivets accent the body darts that shape the waist. Don't fear rivets! A rivet gun costs about $15, and you may just be inspired by other things you find in the hardware store. Note: Yes, this is the sweater Chris was grinding.

I didn't knit the man's sweater, Andrea did. Thanks, Andrea! Because I have no idea what I was thinking when I made a submission that involved two adult jackets knit in pieces with two completely different sets of calculations! Go me! Here's a back view; the rivets on the man's version are set in straight lines.

Here's the asymmetrical front! The color here is Tagmata. You have got to see these colors in person. They are to die for. And the twist of the yarn, oh, the twist. If anyone wants to buy me a present, I really enjoy Book Lungs, yup, I'm likin' it.

The jacket body is knit in one piece to the armholes, at which point the fronts and back are worked separately. The sleeves are worked in the round and joined to the body after the shoulders are seamed. I would rate this pattern "intermediate" because it does involve shaping, seaming, and assembly, but a lot of the knitting is simple back and forth, so go for it!

I loved the Sanguine Gryphon yarns and vision so much that I'm working on another design for their winter line, which is BOOK based!

One final note: I did not sufficiently thank Emily in my previous post for knitting the Death Race sweater. When I saw Death Race, the movie, on TV, I had already knit TWO of the other version of the pattern, called Le Mans and coming in the next post, one for the baby downstairs and one for the book, and just didn't have time or desire to make another. Thanks, Emily... your intarsia and finishing ROCKS!


craftivore said...

The top photo is waaay cool, modern Hobos. I love that it's body conscious but looks functional and warm too.

Moan said...

You go girl!

alligator said...

Wow! This is exactly the sweater I was longing for this afternoon. I am whisking this to the top of my list for fall sweater knitting! Thank you!!!