Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's not designing, its...

knitting for love!

Behold, a giant project for a loved one that I am attempting to finish before the yarn for my next few designs starts landing on my doorstep. Such tight gauge. So many stitches. Causing some cramping in the left thumb.

Knitting for fun!

BEHOLD! The Lobby Dishcloth, from Mason-Dixon Knitting, which I finally found the time to make. The color scheme reminds me of Batman, which is cool. It goes in the future gifts box; it was such a pleasure to make that I see a pile of these in the future, as time permits.

Knitting for a purpose!

My armband for the One Hundred and Forty Six+ project, commemorating a victim of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911. I chose number one, Abraham Binevitz, and found myself wondering who he was, what country he came from, what job he did in the factory, and also thinking about this tragedy and the resulting reforms in light of the movements for democracy and workers' rights all over the world. I suppose it made me feel less powerless in the face of this rush of historical events. If you have about 1.5 hours to make an armband, consider participating; there are a few numbers left.

Now, time to get dressed and walk down to the spanking new yarn store right around the corner from my house (!!!!!!), JP Knit & Stitch.


andrea said...

Oh this armband project for the Triangle Waist victims is amazing. I just signed up as #84. Picked her since she is close to my age of 28 and it makes me think about myself at 27 and what Maria's life was like, as opposed to what my life is like.

Jocelyn said...

Are there two stores in Jamaica Plain now or did the other one close? I went there once years ago when DS was at BU for a camp.

KED said...

Thanks for writing about 146+. I signed up -- and wouldn't have known about it without you.