Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Things wear out. Break down. Sometimes it's sudden, sometimes not. I think I forgot to mention that New Mulva, our vintage Volvo, had a blowout on my way home from the tall ship cruise in Maine. This was my first-ever blowout, and it was scary!

My cell phone was dead (if you know me, you know that this is common. And that if it's not dead, I might have left it at home. Or in a bag that I don't have with me. Or it's just been muted for several days, so I have no idea that people have been calling me). So I did it old school, jumping up and down and gesturing wildly by the side of the road until a Maine state trooper pulled over and called Triple A for me.

When the trooper asked me what happened, I actually said, "I just had a flat tire the likes of which I have never seen before!"

With the new tires on, it was hard to ignore the plastic piece dragging on the ground under New Mulva's front bumper. Chris told me it's called an "air dam." We ordered a new one. Check it out: old one right, new one left. Repairing the infrastructure!

We also know why New Mulva's air conditioning doesn't work: It's just a big clump of rust. Nice to have that cleared up.

So, aside from the car events, what have I been doing during all these postless weeks? Working. Like. Crazy. At my jobjob. To the point that I now wear two wrist braces to fight RSI. I don't want the equivalent of a blowout or even dragging plastic pieces.

I did 40 hours in four days from Sunday to Wednesday last week, then took off for Maine for a long weekend of nothing... photos of that next post. For now, if you want to see some Moby-Dick project preview shots, check out Matt's blog, which you should be reading anyway!


kn1t1t said...

I had my first blowout on Monday and I was in almost the same boat! My family just moved across the country and I had no one to call. So there I sat, in a not-so-nice neighborhood (actually I ended up in a liquor store parking lot! =/) waiting for... well, something other than someone trying to rob me! A nice gentleman pulled over and helped me change my tire! I was glad he had daughters my age otherwise I might have been stuck there longer waiting for someone sympathizing with a young damsel in distress! Needless to say, I was late to work that day!

MorningSprite said...

That cowl is awesome! It just might be the answer to the skein of TML I have in edison bulb....

Elsabeth said...

I am so excited for your next collection! I'm plotting to make Ambergris in Madelinetosh Vintage this fall if school doesn't kill me first.

Your designs always push me to reach for colors I wouldn't have normally used and make projects I never considered before. I feel like you're my big knitting-sister, who lives across the country and never visits or calls except maybe once every three years (both my sisters are like that, so it seems the natural order of things to me).

Speaking of whales, I read this story the other day and thought of you.

Emily said...

Your Moby Dick project looks like it's shaping up to be aMAZing! Love it!

choo choo knits said...

i love the picture of you at work - because I'm sure you've emailed me from there and it's just a fantastic image. love you - glad you're ok

jenna said...

how do you knit with TWO wrist braces?