Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A happy birthday, job, and knitting for fun

Last week I had a happy birthday. My family knows me well; the presents were primarily estate sale finds:

A fur collar made of little animals, with feet, heads, and tails still attached. I can't wait to rock this thing when cold weather comes.

Chris found this SCRIMSHAW RING. Click the picture for a bigger view. It's a ship! I think of it as a whaling ship, though I don't know that the details support that. It's perfect. This was serendipity.

Also in the whaling theme, I now own this and this (which was a present from Matt himself, the honor of which is still sinking in. I hope my book does his work justice). In situ photos as soon as we get a custom mat cut to frame the two side by side. If you're a fan of Matt's work, he's selling many of the original pieces from the book here. All of them are collected in one book, but seeing the originals is a very different experience. They're full of texture and detail that can't be communicated on a printed page.

My parents, knowing my fondness for Crows and my fear that they were discontinued, sent me a case of them. I've noticed that they're much softer and chewier than any I've purchased in the store, and attribute this to the fact that the Crows at the store have been sitting on the candy shelves for quite some time.

And yes, I'm knitting. Lots of secret designs, but also some shawls for a new workshop I'll be teaching this fall, Design Your Own Triangle Shawl. The shawl pictured on the right is one of the examples for the class; the yarns on the left will become a second example. The beauty and fun of these new designs is that they aren't designs at all; they're instructions and inspiration.

I'll be teaching the workshop at Fibre Space and right around the corner from my house at JP Knit & Stitch in November (along with Color Theory for Knitters in October, which will be great preparation for the shawl class). The class will include a booklet that illustrates the effects created by different types of increases, simple combinations of knit and purl, how to create different shapes, and how to achieve different striping effects, ruffles, flared edges, and so on. So if you're in the DC or Boston area, come participate! I'm working like crazy on this one!

Oh, and for those of you who know how crazy my job has become, and how near I was to running away from it, I got a raise and will have someone to help me with the next huge wave of my largest project. Whew!


Salty Miss Jill said...

Wait...I missed your Birthday?
Happy belated!!!

Erin_in_Boston said...

Happy Birthday!
I admire the creative and productive design path you are following. Thank you for sharing pictures of your gifts. I adore the ring, envy that someone sought it out for you, and that your slender fingers show it off so well. I have my Irish Nana's bread baking mitts, aka man hands, and rings never fit!
I love Matt's work and want to thank you for being the connection through which I found the collection. Beautiful and breathtaking artwork.
Also, glad you are getting some positives at work... there is nothing like the feeling that reserves are coming to help out, eh?

Bridget said...

Happy Birthday - it did sound like a good one!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday. I'm so excited to see your upcoming projects. Your creations always rock.

Andrea said...

Happy birthday!

A Crafty Lawyer said...

Happy Birthday! I'm signed up for both of your workshops at Fibre Space, and can't wait!

fluffbuff said...

Happy belated birthday!

Veronica said...

Happy Belated birthday. I have been dreaming of having a fox collar with a head and feet forever!