Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Western Michigan Knitters

are seriously devoted knitters. After Jennifer wrote an awesome column about me for the Grand Rapids Press in advance of my visit, Country Needleworks in Jenison, Michigan was packed with knitters of all ages, levels, and interests. Just note the number of knitters in the backgrounds of these photos--there they are, knitting, talking, shopping.

My mom and sister brought me a mocha near the beginning of the event (I've learned to drink my calories when I know I won't have a chance to eat):

I loved sharing this experience with my family (and giving them a sense of what I do).

Ruth Boelkins, a lovely and talented knitter whose daughter is in my mom's class, modeled the Whiteness sweater. Notice the knitters in the background. That table was always full of knitters working. This place is serious!

I answered questions and showed off my samples Note the paucity of books. I sold out of books well before the end of the event, but the knitters were kind enough to place orders. More books are in the mail to Country Needleworks! Priority Mail! This morning!

Ruth was wearing a Try-Works in red. It's SO different in red. Here's the back view of the two of us:
And the front view, with both of us looking like we were caught unawares:

Here's the full Weaver fam/Boelkins fam shot. Notice Dud's Netherlands Football scarf (and handknit sweater, of course).

If you missed the event, or if I had sold out of books by the time you arrived (I think this is the definition of "sell-out." I am officially a sell-out), fear not! A large Priority Mail If It Fits It Ships box is on the way, and I'll be back to Michigan soon, promise!


meg said...

I so wish I could have made it! But I had to work at my LYS in East Lansing that day. So glad that you had a great event. I enjoyed reading the article about you linked through the Knitty blog!

Audry said...

Congratulations on selling out of books at that event! That must be a tremendous feeling.

Teleri said...

It is amazing how happy and content you look. Seems like you had a wonderful time :)

Andrea PGN said...

Pardon me for the total offtopic comment... but you, your mom and you sister have such amazing haircuts!

Jaye said...

The back details are really nice! What a nice change!

Into My World said...

Wish I could have made it! My whole family and I had the stomach flu! So yeah, you are probably glad we didn't make it! Next time maybe!

green butterfly said...

Dear Ann, You look just like your mom, and she's Beautiful! Jennifer