Sunday, March 17, 2013

Drunken Dyeing at the Verdant Gryphon

I got the chance to do some dyeing at the Verdant Gryphon studio in Easton, MD, on Friday. A few results:

Skeins of these one-off colors will be available to purchase this week on the Verdant Gryphon site. Will anyone purchase the orange/forest green color or the left? I'm taken with its aggressive ugliness but am unsure about its wider appeal.

The trip to Easton was a much-needed escape from house-buying tasks and worries. Yesterday Chris and I attended a homeownership class at the Southeast Baltimore CDC, which we should have taken farther in advance. It was excellent, but it was scary. REALLY scary if you're closing on a house in a matter of days. I was fixated on the horror stories of last-minute credit checks and loan rejections and small mistakes that ruined creditworthiness:

"So what happened when he didn't pay the $10 minimum on that bill the week before closing? Did he get the loan? NO. He didn't. When his credit was run at closing, he was rejected."

I expect to feel right at the edge of vomiting until the papers are signed on Friday afternoon. It's where I'm living these days, keeping my fingers active knitting a huge garter stitch square for a design inspired by Kazimir Malevich in Sweet Fiber Yarns Cashmerino:

Onward to Friday, to success or disaster!


Mary Lou said...

Good luck! Sending homeowner vibes your way. As part of my job I administer downpayment assistance for first time buyers. I encourage them to take the required class in advance...I'm sure you'll be fine, breathe - garter stitch is good.

Anonymous said...

I'm still a renter and will be for some time, so I have no advice or horror stories on that front. I just wanted to comment that I love the way you've been combining modernism and knitting. I did that for a while for various classes and you're coming up with some great stuff.

Audry said...

I wish you luck in your quest to close on the house. It sure seems nerve wracking.

I've come to the conclusion that anything worth doing is probably going to be uncomfortable the entire time you are doing it. And it usually makes for a good story later on.

craftivore said...

Gah, I adore Kazemir Malevich, can't wait to see the square. Good luck with your closing. When we bought our first apartment, it almost didn't close because the owner had outstanding parking tickets from years ago that he didn't remember. Thankfully the office where he could pay them was nearby.