Tuesday, April 10, 2007

#1 Most Shameful Unfinished Purchase

Lest this blog become simply a gallery for finished objects, let me show you some projects in progress. Behold, the swatches!

The one on the left is for a girls' sweater I'm designing. The one on the right is for 300: The Sweater. In the middle? Well, that's a swatch for what is currently my Most Shameful Project.

A year and a half ago I purchased a kit. A Hanne Falkenberg Kit for Mermaid. See right. It was expensive, but I knew that I would wear that sweater multiple times a week for years and years to come. Then I put the kit on a shelf.

It's embarrassing for me to admit that I've sat on this project for so long. The expenditure! The fact that I have outfits just waiting for this sweater! How many sweaters have I made since I purchased that kit? Ten? Twelve? Seriously! It's time to get crack-a-lackin'. I've joined the knitalong. The beautiful photos of finished projects, the spreadsheet for Mermaid... it's the kick in the pants I needed.

But there is a finished object, minus its zipper. Behold a Tomten for Doughy Dutch Baby of Undetermined Sex!

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Bambi said...

Wow! The best-dressed doughy baby award for the Tomten. Never have I seen such lovely totwear! I am so excited. Thank you for taking the time before pulling the project off the shelf!