Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Career Opportunities (the ones that never knocked)

Here's me, in all my IRS splendor. In spite of my idiosyncratic nature, I have been cleared to take the step from Temp to actual employee with benefits. My friend at work insisted that I post a picture of this sweater on my blog, though I completed it years ago with thick-and-thin wool I purchased in Iceland while on an interesting solo spring vacation of darkness and spas.

This is one of the first sweaters I made without a pattern; I just swatched, measured myself, and knit the pieces accordingly. From previous pattern knitting, I knew how to shape and insert cap sleeves and pick up stitches to make the cowl neck.

Looking at the cap sleeves now gives me a new appreciation for this construction. Not as simple as the in-the-round options that abound these days, but the result is so well-defined and flattering in the shoulders, a fit that could not be achieved in such a bulky yarn with a one-piece construction.

One of my best friends has found an adjunct professor position in art history for the semester and just administered a midterm exam. While you likely do not know the correct answers to these questions, the responses the students gave are, well, you see. Please note that these answers are representative of the whole and that the class is composed nearly entirely of native English speakers raised on Long Island.

Question: In a few words, sum up what the Narmer Palette represents/what is its main point?
Answer: how do they were dress and how yes express the story and letters, what means of symbols
Question: What is a cylinder seal?
Answer: color stone with carved in tiny tiny cilinder seal was amazing. mabey artist
who made that couldn't breath well.

Indeed. Tiny tiny cilinder seal was amazing. Considering my position as an administrative temp with no benefits making less than living wage and her position as a vastly underpaid university instructor at a university that is actually well-known also with no benefits or job security, well, it's hard to see when the whole Harvard graduate school degrees thing is going to start being a benefit rather than a handicap.

Here's a hint at two patterns that will be forthcoming in the next month or so.

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Bambi said...

Great Sweater!
Great Hair.
Great daughter. Home from vacation, your blog is my first order of business. You rock!