Saturday, April 14, 2007

Others knit, too! And wear knits!

This is Lauren, 9 years old and studying knitting with me after completing a class in school, over the course of which she produced several garter-stitch scarves of increasing size and skill. She's holding the beginnings of her first hat, which include her newly-acquired purling skills.

Enlarge the picture and look at that even tension! It's crazy how even it is! No adult could learn more quickly. Needless to say, it's a lot of fun teaching someone who's a quick study! This is my first experience formally teaching (though I've taught informally pretty much since I learned), and I like it! I see more in the future.

In the meantime, I am writing up a pattern that will soon (knock wood) be available for sale through at least one local yarn store and also on this site, for starters. And I'm forging through a mountain of purple garter stitch. On top, you may note, are the beginnings of Mermaid's first sleeve, begun while watching TV last night. Below is a surprise for someone very, very cool in my life, the details of which I can't divulge right now because she may be reading.

Finally, the Doughy Dutch Baby commissioned Tomten went in the mail this morning. We tried it on a model at home as well.

I call this final shot the "demented gnome."

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Bambi said...

Wow! That Lauren is one talented young lady. She has a great future in knitting and lots of stuff, I bet!
The gnome is another story altogether. A little scary.
Doughy Baby Sweater is a knockout...can't wait to see it.
You are so much fun.