Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hard work. Lots of it.

So it may look like I have nothing finished lately, but that is just not the case. There's been a lot of work at my now-permanent position. I've had two days of orientation; on the first day, when asked in which department I would be working, I said "Neurosurgery." That got some oohhs and huuhs from the other new employees, so I explained that I am an administrator, but that "I tell my family and friends that they're letting me start working on the small tumors." NO ONE THOUGHT THAT WAS FUNNY. In fact, the overly peppy, enthusiastic orientation leader BLANCHED and said, "you really shouldn't say that." I didn't follow, so I said, "come on, just my family and friends. And it's just the small tumors." Or something like that. I was smiling as a said it, like, "funny, right, funny because it's so preposterous?" Well, not funny.

There's been working out. (Wow, now that I look at that picture up close, eek, I am making the oddest face and having the strangest hair day. It's pretty ugly. But that's how I look after the gym, and hey, the shirt is the topic and it's adorable). Yes, that is a tank from Knit, a yarn store in South Carolina. My parents got it for me as a souvenir on their recent trip. Of course I asked them where the yarn was... WHERE IS THE YARN THAT GOES WITH THIS SHIRT? There was no yarn. But the shirt is a real kick to wear at the White Trash Gym I visit... don't want anyone getting too complacent there! Yeah, that small person on the bench press is indeed wearing a knitting top.

And there's been a lot of knitting. Soon all will be revealed, seriously. I have a mess of patterns and commissions and surprises and Mother's Day in the works. All in good time.


Bambi said...

Great to hear about your life and job. You look great. All that knitting really bulks you up!

weaverknits said...

Hey, I sent the photo of me in my gym stuff to Knit, the store in SC. They got a huge kick out of it, and remember you and the Dud, of course.