Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Meet Norah Gaughan and Look Ridiculous

Look how cute she is! She was at Windsor Button in downtown Boston yesterday. Brilliant, yet understated and friendly and smart. And seeing her new pieces knit up, well, I'm very motivated to make MOST of them now.

The cropped sweater, called aamu, is one of the sample knits from Berroco volume 1. Looking at these photos today makes me feel as if it is a part of my wardrobe already; it was a struggle to postpone the purchase of the yarn, Berroco Pure Wool Nuance, but I had a special order waiting for me to work on a design I've been thinking about for months. I couldn't leave without the Ultra Alpaca Light for anais, though. Just couldn't.

In other news, I've finished up the Entrelac-n-Stripes scarf for unnamed Christmas recipient. I was in no rush to finish this one, it was so much magical fun to make. Entrelac and stripes! Entrelac and stripes!
Oh, and yay Red Sox!!!


seephillips said...
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seephillips said...

I'm so jealous of your entrelac and stripes scarf! I've got the most gorgeous yarn, and I've been trying to get it to do that. I've swatched about 15 times, and I just can't get it to stripe right.
Yours is beautiful!

Macoco said...

That sweater really does look like it belongs in your wardrobe.

nicole said...

I was never much of a Berroco fan before, but with Norah Gaughan at the helm I've definitely turned around. I LOVE that Berroco pattern book and would like to knit most of it (although I'm not convince I could carry some of those looks off). It must have been so cool to see the samples in person. And the great lady herself. You're right, she's so very cute! The photo of her in the new "Knit Knit" book makes me want to hang out with her.

Aamu looks great on you. And Anais definitely has your name written all over it. What colour did you buy?

Congrats on the stripey entrelac scarf. It's a beauty! I've never knit entrelac, but this thing may make me! So cool.

hannah said...

nice scarf, and that cropped turtleneck thing would be so quick to make (but i'm not convinced by that color). awww, windsor button, how i miss that place sometimes!

also, chris always makes the same face in the photos on here. like "where am i? why are you taking my picture? am i going to be in your BLOG??" and also looks amused by the whole endeavor.

KGLO said...

She was at WINDSOR BUTTON?? oh crap. not fair.