Monday, October 1, 2007

Loom teaser and Operation Toto Hood

This is what I did this weekend (aside from working on learning the breaststroke at the YMCA, watching The War on PBS and other crafty pursuits). It's part of a costume for my friend Sara's 4-year-old niece, who has insisted on being Toto for Halloween this year. In her mind, Toto is a vague, amorphous, grey, furry creature (remember, this is the mind of a 4-year-old). I used some grey fur I purchased at Sew-Low Fabrics, lined it with some Dorothy-esque gingham from my Nana's fabric stash, and attached brown velvet ribbon ties.

There was weaving, yes there was. This is a table loom that my weaving teacher has provided for me to use, not my actual loom, which will make an appearance on this blog soon. In progress is a sampler, not meant to be anything at all. I'll begin planning out my first goal-oriented project tomorrow night, and it will involve Habu textiles to be purchased while I'm in NYC with my mom in two weeks.

To round out the Fiber Arts weekend, here's some Spunky Eclectic roving in Chocolate Covered Cherries spun up as a chunky two-ply. Soon it will be in the mail to a knitting friend.



Macoco said...

The chocolate covered cherries yarn is very pretty.

Bambi said...

Now everybody will want to be Toto!
So clever and cute. And that cccherries is absolutely lovely. Your buddy will love it!

Mrs. Lear said...

I love the Todo bonnet with the gingham inside! Ah! Been thinking of your "googly eye" pattern - I carved a stamp in pottery similar to the Peter Fasano's chunky "Martini" fabric - I think I'll try some tiles with different colors of slip brushed into the stamps.