Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Hat So Nice I Made It Twice (so far).

In need of some subway knitting (the Trenna long scarf is getting too long to carry around, and my other project is a nearly-finished jacket knit in one piece... pattern to come), I started Felicity. You can get the pattern for free on Wanett's site... just look to the right sidebar. The first one took one day, and is made with one skein of Sylvan Spirit from Green Mountain Spinnery. I LOVE the sheen of this yarn! And the color is "Moonshadow." Like the Cat Stevens song that makes me cry when I hear it... not many things make me cry, but Cat Stevens, yep, he does, as does anything about Lincoln's assasination and the movie Gladiator. Even advertisements for shows about Lincoln.

Then I started a Grellow one out of alpaca sport weight leftovers. It's almost done and already fantastic.

Also of note:

I bench pressed 95 lbs. the other day.

Donut and Donuts opened in my subway station yesterday, and today their watery coffee ruined my morning. It was as if I had NO coffee. I tripped over the same box near my desk three times in ten minutes. I spilled on my desk. I was short with my coworkers. Boo! BOOOOOOO!


hannah said...

they did take the coffee allusion out of the name...

love the hats, what color is the first one, grey or brown? either way it's lovely.

looks like i'll be in boston for a long weekend in may, want to go to saver's?

Catherine said...

95 lbs? ::envy:: I'm just getting started with the weight-lifting, and you know what? I'm perfectly happy struggling under my 20 lbs! ::sob::

Seriously though, that is awesome. Very inspiring! Someday, I shall be ripped too.

Loving the Grellow!

S. said...

I wore that hat all over Romew on my trip. I love it!!!

I love Cat Stevens- the songs are so great!

KGLO said...

I am jealous-ing the hats and the bench pressing. I won't say that I miss the coffee - at least in the northwest, if you don't like your coffee, then there are at least fifteen other drive-thru espresso huts nearby.

And I love the grellow. I'm going to start coming to you for fashion advice - my husband says I dress like a bag lady.


craftivore said...

Have some donuts, I bet you could bench press a 100. The hats are great, simple is really the best most of the time. Why fuss with crazy stitches that don't show off the yarn. Fierce.

Macoco said...

The stripey one is beautiful. I had a horrible coffee week. First the coffee machine was broke so I had to drink some yucky pumpkin stuff, then I ran out of soy milk, went on and on with each day bringing a new coffee challenge! I hope you only had one disastrous coffee day.

loribird said...

Sweet hats, and I'm totally impressed by your bench press. But I really NEED to know (if you can answer): where did you get those really cool glasses with the open-sided frames??? I've been looking for a pair like that for some time.

marijka said...

I, too, cry at Cat Stevens. It was the first album I ever had, given to me by an uncle from So. America. He's gone now, but was the first 'hippy' I ever knew, used to cliff-dive, played a native flute, read Carlos Casteneda. Had the same curly black hair and beard, beautiful dark eyes, just too cool for words.