Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend of Wonder

For the first time, I went to see the finish of the Boston Marathon. The best part? The handcycles. This is what my Dud does... I just had to call him and tell him when the first few went by. The handcycles and wheelchair were very spaced out and were the first finishers, so the crowd went nuts every time anyone came into view.

On the phone my Dud let me know that he just filled out his entry forms for a 25K he'll do with his handcycle. Wow.

I did this on the sidelines:

I have an excuse, however... I twisted an ankle pretty badly walking from Rondo's Diner back to work last Friday with a bag of cheeseburgers. We wrapped it up and did a serious bike ride in the Nashoba Valley on Saturday, but I've been taking it easy since then in anticipation of my trip to NYC this weekend with Mom and Little Sister for a binge of shopping and eating and walking around. I have a very, very hard time being still. It took remarkable willpower to not go to the gym today.

Knitting? Of course, it's almost Mother's Day, so it's socks. I've chosen my yarns from my stash based on Project Spectrum this year.

First, some self-striping Lovesticks in After Dinner Mint:

And some completed ones in Sport Weight Yarntini, color Chocolatini, with contrasting toes from some leftover Spunky Eclectic Super Sport.

New sweater design and blocked lace to come!


nicole said...

Hey cool, I have a friend who just ran the Boston. I'm currently training for a 10k (still a newbie runner). Go Dud go.

And, um, how jealous am I that you're doing to NYC? Green with envy!!! I hope you have a fantastic time, and that your foot makes a speedy recovery. And love the socks, esp. After Dinner Mint ones.

Elinor said...

That sounds like it will be fun. I think those guys are amazing. Go Dud!

holly said...

Cool! I ran the Boston Marathon and I have to say that the spectators make that run! It is a blast; you guys sure know how to out on a good time.

A friend of our does the handbike. It is so cool and interesting!

Love the mint socks!