Thursday, April 10, 2008

Poor, dear Mulva.

It is clear that Mulva, our dear vintage Volvo, has become a collision magnet. Last week Tuesday, the president of the company for which I work backed into parked Mulva on his way out from work. It was about 10 pm, and Chris had stopped by to bring me dinner to break up my 14-hour day, and, well, the whole front end was kind of accordian-crumpled as a result. I found this exceptionally amusing, but I had worked 14 hours and was more than a little slap-happy.

The company's insurance man came and appraised Mulva yesterday and will cover all of the damage. However, last night we took Mulva to the gym and were the victims of a hit-and-run sideswipe that left one headlight shattered and scattered on the pavement about 10 yards from the car and copious red paint along the newly-impacted left side. Chris is on the warpath to find and photograph the offending full-size red truck with yellow lettering on the side that was parked next to us when we arrived, a truck which often parks in our gym lot. It's been a bad month for Mulva.

For the next two months I have decided that, in addition to my Grellow knitting commitment, I am going to knit with Project Spectrum in the greens and browns. I hope that this is an effective way to cull the stash; we shall see. I have swatched for a sweater that I've been promising Chris for nearly a year:

I'm also working on some socks in Yarntini Sport Weight in Chololatini, basic 1 by 3 rib on #3 needles:

AND, in the background, bonus libation recipe!

Have you gotten your 5 servings of fruit and veggies for the day? No? Is this perhaps because the fruit you have is past its prime, a bit grainy, or just not really in season? Do you have a juicer? If so:


Juice your second-tier fruit (in this case it was 2 pears and about 10 stawberries)

Pour the juice into a cocktail shaker

Add as much vodka as you like (I do about 1 part vodka to 1 part juice, but I really like vodka)

Add some ice

Shake and strain and enjoy

There. You've eaten your fruit and can relax a bit after all the car trauma. Good night!


Telmah said...

Oh no! My vintage Volvo met with a similar fate. It's heartbreaking, right? I loved that car, and now I cry a little inside whenever I see one on the road. Other cars are just NOT the same. Good luck with getting it all sorted out!

craftivore said...

Your swatch is the same color as Mulva. Must try victim car vodka smoothie!

Macoco said...

(blogger at my comment so pardon me if this shows up twice!)
Poor Mulva! That is the suckiest of the sucky. I hope the cocktail took out a bit of the sting.

Fulay said...

Uh, oh! Cannot wait, cannot wait to see your entry! I am all curious now...must have something sweet to eat to make up for the curiosity. Heading to the nearest bakery.