Friday, July 18, 2008

Hella Stockinette

Here's the final Alchemy Haiku shawl for mom:

That was hella stockinette, with a little garter thrown in. Tone on tone. Love it! Oh, you noticed something else? It was time for a change. Lauren, my hair stylist at The Carriage House in Cambridge, MA took me from white to purple-black yesterday and cut most of it off, too. Yes, I startle myself when I look in the mirror at this point.

In other news, I'm knitting the Blue Suede Bikini from Sexy Little Knits in purple "Suede." Yeah, as others have noticed, the pattern is a hot mess, but I avoided most of the mess by eliminating the lace pattern on the bottoms, primarily because the sort of waxing required to wear such a lacy bottom is one step further than I like to go. Sorry if that's too much information, but you know you all thought about it when you saw it.

This weekend is a program of self-improvment: Hair, dentist for cleaning, new tatoos, probably some gym time. I hope to have a new tatoo/new Purple Suede Bikini photo for you all very soon.

The Russian Mittens are coming along nicely as well. Behold!


loribird said...

Ooo! Love the shawl, and the mitten, not to mention the hair! Great stuff!

I can see why you'd skip the lace on the bikini bottom. Maybe it would work if you could line it with some nude-colored nylon (or a bright color - that could be cool too; hmmm...) Anyway, looking forward to seeing your version.

Cerebelle said...

So many great things in one post! Lovely scarf, sexy hair, and gorgeous mittens! Looking forward to the tats--if only I had the money to get more too.


aka Tricoteuse on Ravelry

MaryjoO said...

how was all that knitting with the Haiku? I have some, but haven't used it yet and think it should wait until very cold weather LOL

great mittens. I love the color. It's often called Austo-Hungarian yellow/Baltic yellow as many buildings in that part of Europe are painted that color, and the yellow is soft, helps with the dreary winters, but isn't glarish. Remind us -- where's the pattern?
brave hair cut!! LOL -- I bet it's fabulous when you go biking!

andrea said...

love the first mitten! and yay for new tattoooooo! can't wait to see it.

-andrea (knitting by bicycle)

nicole said...

Cerebelle said it all. Be sure to flash us your new tats!

Dig the new do. Thanks for returning the love!

craftivore said...

Love the new hair color! Love the shawl! Love the mitten! Can I heap it on any more? You've been busy. I can't wait to see the bikini and the tattoo. I'm not sure I can ever post mine, I'm afraid my tramp stamp might be too far south.

granny said...

your hair looks super cute!!

i'm coming along nicely on my lauren, 1 sleeve down, 1 to go!!