Friday, July 4, 2008

Time Consuming

Summer and the fact that Chris and I both have jobs we like has put me in a relaxed mood, ready to work through some time-consuming projects at a leisurely pace. Though I am working on a few larger projects, the humidity increases the appeal of knitting small things, like some Magnificent Mittens. As an added incentive, they fit in to the War and Peacealong on Ravelry in which I'm taking part.

I'm about a third of the way through the book, which is a surprisingly easy, while dense, read. As several readers in the Ravelry group have noted, it's a Russian soap opera set during the Napoleonic Wars. Gossip, affairs, noble ambitions... it's got it all. That and the kind of character descriptions that rival Dickens, but maybe not quite so funny. Perhaps not so funny because some of the funny is lost in translation.

The mitten is #9 from Charlene Shurch's book, Mostly Mittens, out of print and ridiculously expensive, found at the Cambridge Public Library. Grellow yarn (there will be orange involved as well) is Finnish fingering-weight that was part of a trade with Mustaa villaa (I sent her the yarn for her Bark). So far so good. Lately, I don't mind slow and steady, enjoying the process and letting the plot unwind.


Nettie said...

Well here I was thinking that War and Peace did not sound like good summer reading. Then you added that description :0) This will be on my list of classics to buy on my next trip to the bookstore.

craftivore said...

Dang, you're going for the mittens, I'm feeling inadequate that I haven't started a project. I didn't buy your version of W&P because it was several dollars more than the Modern Library one and was thicker too. I like the cover though.