Monday, July 28, 2008


It may seem quiet here at the blog, but it's not for lack of progress. I have several different designs in various stages of completion, some of which are classic pieces with interesting twists, others of which have an edgier point of view. I know that finding myself in a more casual workplace has brought me back to some of the clothes and styles from dare I say 10 or, yes, even more years ago. I find myself drawn to layered looks, menswear details and shapes (back then I was wearing men's stuff from thrift stores; now I find or create adaptations of these styles that actually flatter my figure), and androgyny, which has appealed to me ever since I learned to accept my body type, is the most excellent concept out there for me right now.

For one of the designs, I'm going to be working with custom-dyed yarn from Knitterman. His site just blew me away, so I trusted him to make a color based on the description of the finished item I'd like to make and the ideas behind it.

Finding inspiration in things like this. I don't know why this photo has stayed in my mind, but I'd like to capture something like this attitude in my upcoming designs. Tall order. I'll see what I can do. Of course, there are also inspirations like this:

The sulfides at the Harvard Natural History Museum. Indeed.

Also looking for a new city bike. Cannot think of anything sexier than the Pista, but Chris, ever the pragmatist, has pointed out that it does not have a brake or a flip-flop rear wheel, meaning, basically, I'm going to end up plastering myself all over the road whenever I take it out. I will be one big scab, probably. I've tried the Red Line 925, which is a great ride. To be determined.


nicole said...

There's NOTHING better than coming to a place in life where you have the freedom to really be who you are. As I get older, I find this a lot easier to do. For a long time, I hated my pear-shaped body, trying to diet and over-exercise it away, but now I look at the long line of women that came before me with the same silhouette and I realize that it is "right" for me to have inherited it too. Living healthy, and playing around with clothes and attitudes help too. Screw "corporate america" that says we should all look like Heidi Klum!

Can't wait to see what kind of beautiful things your inspirations fuel.

And thanks for the NYC tips. I'll be sure to check em out.

granny said...

i have a schwinn, its a 10 speed, a little later model but its still good none the less. only problem with my bike is that the front AND back tires were quick releases so me being silly and only locking my front tire and frame...

got my back tire stollen. damn.

i was on the hunt for the next big project i was going to work on (because i don't have much left on my lauren) and funny enough, i came across another one of your designs that i contemplated shopping for.

i've realized, i love your stuff!!

andrea said...

I love the yellowyness of those rocks. Gorgeous.

I'm trying to learn to accept my boyish figure. Any tips you have to doing so would be welcome!

As for track bikes, ever think of a steamroller or a bare knuckles fixie?

-andrea (knittingbybicycle)

Cerebelle said...

I'm looking forward to your new designs! Part of my wardrobe skews toward the masculine, so your design plans make me happy. I'm trying to save up for a new commuter bike myself, but I'm not sure when I'll get it--the rolling hills and gaggle of buses that are constantly bumbling along around here are a bit intimidating. I may have to wait a year or so when I'm out of college.

Those bikes you linked to are pretty sexy!


aka Tricoteuse on Ravelry

craftivore said...

I love the photo of the sulfides, very grellow. Unfortunately, my hips won't let me get away with androgeny as much as I would love to. I vote for the Red Line, it has a nice retro appeal.

Leila said...

Hello! I can't find an e-mail address on your page so I'm hoping that you'll get this if I leave it here -- your blog is GREAT, by the way -- I've seen so many of your patterns / images places and didn't connect them all together until just now. Fantastic!

In response to your question, for my koigu cowl (, I used exactly 2 skeins.

Mary Jane said...

Whenever I go to The Smithsonian, I get lost in the mineral room for ever, they are so much more beautiful than the gems! Malabrigo Sauturne is just about those colors, maybe Cadmium is closer. In any case hooray for yellow yarn!