Monday, February 16, 2009

How We Roll: President's Day Weekend

Despite being Unemployed, I've been working a lot, including helping Chris with a job he has refinishing some doors (just sanding made me realize how much I miss work that involves physicality):

I've been knitting a LOT, but I have to warn you that the larger part of my knitting will be secret for the next few months. However, a particularly gigantic project started cramping my hands, so I decided to switch up my gauge for a couple days and use the yarn I got at Yarns in the Farms about a year ago for this chunky Twinkle vest (I tried on the store sample, and Tink exclaimed, "You look so curvy in that!" to which I responded, "It's all an ILLLUUUUSION!").

Chris wrapped Max up tight Saturday morning and he fell asleep that way, purring... an hour later Chinaski had joined him.

Happy days! Chris goes back to work tomorrow, and I have my first restaurant shift in the evening. Wish me luck!


Andrea said...

Haha, If someone told me a garment made curvy, I'd throw it away as a hot potato :-D

Good luck at your new job, girl. First days are always stressing, but you'll be ok.

Christine said...

Good luck at the new job!

craftivore said...

It sounds like you're keeping on the bright side of things, good on you.

arguchik said...

(I've been enjoying your blog for awhile--connected to it via one of your knitty patterns--and just now decided to comment.)

Awww, your kitties are so beautiful! I know exactly what you mean about physical labor--I am an academic, so I spend a lot of time in my head. To counteract that, I often volunteer my "brawn" to help my friend with her yard work, which usually means heavy duty stuff--building raised beds with cinder blocks, setting huge slabs of slate to make paths and patios, etc. I go home with scuffed hands, sore thighs and shoulders, and dirt everywhere. And very, very happy.

teli said...

One small question.. is there anything which you are not able to do? I am a bit frightend about the fact that there are people like you who have - obviously - so many talents and do not get a job either and.. well.. people like me who are not so talented and who have this whole job-thing just ahead of them.

Sorry for my weird English, it is quite early in Germany (ok, it's not, but it's early for me ;)) and my English became a bit rusty. And to test your German-skill:
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland, und viel Erfolg mit dem neuen Job :)