Monday, February 23, 2009

Interim Shopgirl

Hello everyone,

I'll be working at Yarns in the Farms tomorrow from 10:30 to 5:00, if any of you happen to be in the North Shore area of Massachusetts and would like to stop by and chat.

Note the Twinkle vest in the above shot... the theme of the outfit was "playing with size." Large glasses, large vest, small everything else. I call the new glasses my "Big Trotsky Look." As in, "Chris, NO ONE OUT THERE is rocking this Big Trotsky Look yet! I must!"


AmyPinSeattle said...

love the look! Good luck with your job tomorrow!!

rebecca said...

the glasses are absolutely cool!
And yes, I think you are the first to show off this look :-)
I love it!

Herzliche Grüße,

kiki said...

cool! have a great day there.
all the best

Aline la Bergère said...

this picture is really cool. Love the vest on you. I admire your confidence and style.

ponyknit said...

Love the look! The vest is so cute!

Susan said...

You look fabulous!

Salty Miss Jill said...

Cute, very cute!