Saturday, April 4, 2009

Deadlines and Court Dates

I have an appeal date for Unemployment, and I chortle in Deadline #1's face! Har har hargh!

The knitting around here has been challenging but fantastic. You'll have to trust me. However, I am taking a "gauge break" (I find that knitting a bit in a different gauge than your main project when my wrists start to ache can provide some relief) to start the sock parade that marks every Mothers' Day in the Weaver-Bergh family (Mothers' Day, the Holiest of the High Hallmark Holidays):

This one is the Child's French Sock from Nancy Bush's book "Knitting Vintage Socks " (it's sized for a woman, and I'm not telling you moms and grandmas which one of you this pair is for) worked in Zen Yarn Garden Serenity sock yarn (if you knit, check out her roving. I've used several colors of the merino, and it was The softest I. Have ever. Felt. Just going over there and looking at the colors brought a little tear to my eye because I just want to gather them all up and bring them into my loving home).

And check out the seed pattern on this pepper. That's a must-knit texture for sure!

Okay, time for bed. I've been running my butt off at my restaurant job hostessing these past two nights (oh, and for those of you who were curious, a "Facilitator" is like a barback, stocking alcohol and glasses at the bar, bussing tables, dragging ice buckets and serving drinks. On one of those little round trays. I balance it on one hand up high and try to walk with class in my paratrooper jump boots and the-smallest-they-make-but-still-hillariously-large-on-me Dickies black work pants).

ETA: Shelly, you wrote me a comment a few posts back about my Tempest leftovers... email me if you are interested in a trade (!


KnittingBlueContent said...

I wish I had a witty comment for the upcoming UI appeal, but, sadly, I don't.

You're a pistol and personable as heck, so . . . my Good Karma thoughts towards your Good Person self, *fingers crossed* should do the trick.

If not? Knit them a voodoo doll and stick pins in their eyes . . .

CRAP! That's not Good Karma Juu-Juu at all! Clearly I suck at this *nice* thing.

You'd best lean on your Good Person mojo. I have every confidence that you'll ace the "appeal". You're savvy like that.

Aline la Bergère said...

You are a true artist! Those seeds are very lovely...ah nature. Best of luck with your dates. A.xx

craftivore said...

Good luck in court, make the douchebags pay. I love the photo of the pepper seeds. I'm seeing nubby loops... kind of like a hooked rug, maybe?

Salty Miss Jill said...

I love those colors together.
I can also see this as a painting. :)