Friday, May 29, 2009

All part of the Hardcore Ann project

Last weekend we went to Hartford! Chris was in a bike race, but it was me who crashed my bike. On the way to the race, of course, during the 5-mile ride from Historic Weathersfield, where we stayed, into Hartford proper.

Quick question for those of you who may live in or near Hartford: There doesn't appear to be much to do in Hartford. Am I missing something? Seriously. Aside from the Mark Twain house. We did have beer outside at a tavern just down the street from where we stayed, which is crucial element of summer vacation for me. It's beer! Outside!

Work is fantastic, I'm knitting like a maniac, and am generally acclimating to my new lifestyle, which is going to make me really tough, not just tough for my circumstances. I knit at the pub during the UEFA championship, Manchester United v. Barcelona.

I don't follow league play all that closely, so I was hoping for a very close fight, but Barcelona was superb. It was a good week to have Wednesday off!


lazysaturday said...

Hi, I've lived in the area for a few years now and while there is a good variety of restaurants and cafes around, they're kind of spread out so that you've have to know where you were going and drive there.
I love your bread photos btw!

meg_knits said...

It was even worse 15 years ago, I can assure you! A city fully dependent upon the insurance industry was hit really hard during the last market downturn. But very few people live in downtown Hartford, so most bars, restaurants, shops, etc. closed soon after 5 pm. I hope it is a little more lively now!

And OUCH with your road rash! OUCH!

craftivore said...

Ouch! I've only driven through Hartford many times with no urge to stop.

Salty Miss Jill said...

I'll say!
I wish I could meet you at the pub to watch the game, knit, and drink beer. That sounds like a perfect day.
I am putting something in the mail for you tomorrow, sweetness.

Lucette said...

AlthoughI have never been to Hartford and can't offer any ideas, I always thought that it must be an interesting city being the hometown of Katharine Hepburn. And she is the best.

Thea said...

You are not mistaken. There is nothing to do in Hartford but sit in traffic and hope 84 clears up soon.

Hope your hip heals soon - am still planning knitting and drinks on my deck in the soon to be summertime future! Thea

the woolly monkey said...

damn, I didn't know it was that bad.
your punk rock quotient just went up 10 points.
hope it's healed by now, and that you don't have scars (unless you wanted them).