Monday, June 8, 2009

Proof of Life: I still knit. I totally do.

Believe me on this one. I don't just work strange hours, fall off my bicycle, and wait for news on my Unemployment case (there is none yet. I swear I will post to the blog about 5 minutes after I hear anything).

There's a new design a-comin'. A self-published one. With new logo and schematic prepared by Sister Beth Other Weaverknits. It will be available next week.

It's unisex. It was inspired by the Bukowski poem "Bluebird" and intended for my Dud. Hi there, I remember you, Dud! I know I said Christmas, I know!

For a bit more detail, check out Kate's post. She's knitting the sample that will be at the June TNNA, at the Lorna's Laces booth, knit in a yarn that I think is not nearly as well-known as it should be.

Stay tuned!


hannah said...

You mean the colors I already happened to have in my stash, intended for other projects?

Can't wait to see this sweater of yours...

craftivore said...

I love the photo of your chart and look forward to the big ta dah!