Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Some fingerless gloves knit in Saffron Merino/Tencel from Minds Eye Yarns.

A large Huron loaf, a complex wheat bread, from my bakery. I'm done with "baker's hours" as of yesterday, at least for a while! I did it! On to first shift, 7 am to 3 pm, and a more normal life!

Chris bought a suet feeder for the birds outside our porch so that Chinaski can watch them all day.

So for all of this I made a celebratory vodka and tonic.


KGLO said...

hahaha. I LOVE the photo of Chinaski watching the birds. Does he bark like Sophie does?

I love the color of the yarn too - is it called "happy" too, or is that just implied?

Emily said...

I love that your cat is named Chinaski. My dog is Mr. Bingley, and, fittingly, your cat could probably kick his ass. Even after a night of hard drinking.

Happy times!

Thea said...

sounds like a good day all around. Lovely yarn and glad your arm seems good enough to hoist a cocktail!

Aline la Bergère said...

I am glad things are better...and lovvvve the colour of your yarn (jealous over here). Yummy bread! A.xx

Kym said...


craftivore said...

I like the way that there is one object in each photo: yarn, bread, cat, vodka. Mix them all together and it sounds like a recipe for a good life.