Friday, March 19, 2010

All-new LAUREN!

With charted cables, an awesome schematic, and improved proportions for larger sizes. Hooray!

The cost is now $6.00, but for those of you who have already purchased the earlier version of the pattern, you should have received an updated copy for free. Let me know if you haven't!

It will be on display at Windsor Button tomorrow as part of the Red Line Yarn Crawl. I hope to stop in as well after I wake up (probably around 3 pm; it's all part of the *new* 9 to 5).

I was in Washington DC last week; photos and narrative in next post!
(The obligatory White House photo).


blackbird said...

Excellent sweater. Especially the yellow.

First time in DC?

Rainy Daisy said...

You look so dignified in the new, solid-colored Lauren. Like those old Victorian photos, except with a kickin sweater.

craftivore said...

The color is fabulous! You look like a sexy librarian.

Mildawg said...

Your ability to design with yellow never ceases to amaze.

憋不住 said...
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Anne-Valérie said...

I love this pattern, but I'm a beginner for knitting and I'm French, I'm not sure I'll understand what to do... (because when it's in French it is no that easy...!!)
I think I need to improve my knitting first... but I'd love to have this cardigan!