Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Lots of submissions due these days. Lots of projects, too. Oh, and it looks like I'll have a new job soon, a job that hopefully isn't actively trying to kill me, like I'm convinced my current job is.

What I'm thinking about while I'm working:

I just saw the Sex Pistols movie, The Filth and the Fury. Look, Johnny Rotten is wearing mohair!

Josef Albers


Scarves like this (this one is from Savers, but I'm thinking about some knit versions in various yarn weights and fibers):

Looking at that photo reminds me: The other day at work I stayed late and saw some of the early morning customers come in for their bread. A sweet little old man said that I looked like a "nice young man." He was incredulous when I told him that I was a 32-year-old female and said I looked 18 or 19! What do you think? I took this picture as soon as I got home and showered. What a compliment, right?


MttR said...

The scarf is very lovely and the asymmetric of the scarf would be be a nice knitting challenge.

craftivore said...

Lol, who wouldn't want to be an 18 year old boy?! In the prime of your youth, milady. Love the Josef Albers as knitting ispiration.