Monday, April 12, 2010

Moss and Ferns, let me be, I have work to do!

My latest knitting obsession, creating moss and fern textures and patterns in knit fabric. This shawl distracted me from designs and gifts with approaching deadlines; now it's done and I can get some work done!
I've already planned and swatched for the next moss and fern project, but I'm not allowed to start until a few other projects are complete. At that point I'll write up the pattern for this shawl, too. It's going to take some time, since it isn't a "plug in stitches from the stitch dictionary" project... I just winged it and ripped whenever it got off course. Until then, here's another shot.

I'm loving the colors: Louet Gems fingering in Goldenrod for the main color, and some very saturated Sundara Sock Yarn for the blue contrasting bits.


Mildawg said...

Your ability to rock the yellows never ceases to amaze. Great pose in the last photo!

Laine de Bergère said...

ooo yum! I am really into yellow this season. This is really pretty!

Thea said...

Nice! I keep forgetting about louet gems, it's a nice yarn. Love the color combo.

Crystal (clstal) said...

Wait. I hate to comment on anything but the lovely knitting (lovely!) but I'm stuck on the glasses.

That last pair is incredible and I love them and you rock them (!!). Also, did you buy them online?