Friday, July 16, 2010

I complete a thoughful interview on the topic of knitting design!

Robin Hunter interviewed me on her blog and I managed to stay on the topic of knitting!

Two of the photos include new stuff that will be in my book... just a hint, though!

By the way, does anyone else like Crows? I'm a bit concerned about what this "LAST CHANCE" sign means... are they being discontinued? Or is the Wallgreens in Central Square, Cambridge just going to stop carrying them? Because that is the only store in the Boston area where I have found Crows, and yes, I do stock up when I'm in Central Square.


Rainy Daisy said...

I have seen them, never tried them. I am definitely a fan of licorice though. Not many people are anymore, I think. boo. More for me. If I find them out here, I'll send them to you, ok?

micheleannrussell said...

Ann, I really enjoyed reading this interview. The answers are really thoughtful. It's always interesting to know what inspires people. All best with your new book.

Andrea said...

Great interview! I think I may now be aware of just how much you love garter stitch!

jsdknits said...

I don't think we have crows like that in Ohio! I did get some great licorice lozenges in Decorah, Iowa though.

The interview was fantastic - practical, down to earth, and informative. So, you only sell patterns online?

choo choo knits said...

Can't wait to see what you've been knitting!

And i've had a number of my fave things get discontinued this year - economy? ugh, frustrating indeed!

craftivore said...

Great, great interview! You sound intelligent, thoughtful, realistic, and fun.

"I don't worry about being derivative."

"I do know that it is difficult to find a balance between helpful pattern support and impossible hand-holding, and between thorough directions and ridiculous verbosity"

Love these answers, and many more.