Monday, January 31, 2011


This week I'm still reeling from the latest Mason-Dixon Knitting posts. I've known that Kay and Ann are magic since I purchased their first book, since I started reading their blog (well before I had my own blog).

I was fortunate enough to meet Kay when I was in NYC this December, and it was awesometown. She's far more than just a fabulous knitter and designer; she's the kind of person who makes me want to knit garter stitch exclusively for the next year and take up hand quilting. And read more. And think about design WAY beyond knitted garments. And she's kind, too. After I explained that the Bolt Bus was not "all that" (don't advertise free wi-fi if the signal is too weak t0 support my remote desktop work, please), she mentioned that she was driving to Providence, home of lil' sis Weaver, the evening of my planned departure. So I got a road trip, complete with pit stop at Subway, with Kay's fam and Olive.

Now, for an excuse to visit Nashville and see Ann. Is the snow here an excuse?

Note: I shoveled off that porch later in the afternoon. That was three days ago. My biceps still ache. It's embarrassing. A year ago I was working a job that was comprised of 10-12 hour days of shoveling motions, and these days 45 minutes of it incapacitates me. It's time to get back to the gym.

Reading Kay's post about the Albers projects reawakened the Albers magic in me. I'm doing a few squares in natural shades of laceweight Lopi based on Albers' grayscale work.

Now, a way in which you can pass on your knitting magic to others: Philly Care Caps. I met Crystal, one of the organizers, when I visited Philly this past fall. I'm sending a few simple hats I made from my handspun this past December, during the "down time" I had between book travel and my January-February design frenzy (still in progress).

That little striped Shacketon-style hat on the right is for a little one! Consider donating a few simple hats; they're guaranteed to be appreciated. Pass on the love! Now, back to design frenzy.


Andrea said...

I'll be honest. I don't "do" shoveling. I have shoveled probably once each year since I've moved here and always remember why I don't do it. There was one year where I even shoveled only half the driveway (the half behind my car).

I also thought that was an awesome post on the Alber's Shawl. It actually made me want to knit one (again)!

craftivore said...

That some powerful knit love and garter stitch love. Sometimes all the stars really are aligned, it sounds like a magical moment indeed.

Tweedlebug said...

It's truly amazing just how heavy all that fluffy snow gets once there is a large pile of it on the ground. We're running out of places to put our snow these days, there's so much of it!

India said...

Ann, would you consider mentioning in your blog Warm Hats Not Hot Heads, the knitters' campaign to restore civility in politics? There's a group on Ravelry and we're also on Facebook. The idea is to knit hats--which embody the concept of every stitch working for the common good--for every member of Congress and every Senator, to illustrate our desire for our representatives to put down the poison pens and take up the business of crafting solutions to the various problems and challenges facing our country. This campaign was begun by your fellow knitbloggers Twinsetellen ( and SpinDyeKnit

Alyson said...

Where do you live? I'll come shovel you for patterns! It's good for my biceps and I seem to have perfected the lifting with the legs. Did 2+ hours the other day and was fine afterward. (and I dig your patterns!)

(I live in MA)

andrea said...

I love the gray scale Albers! gorgeous.