Monday, March 5, 2007

Indentured Servitude

So when one works for a temp agency, one sacrifices some of one's pay to said agency for the privilege of getting placed into positions that, in my case, my resume would never get me.

Another secret is that, even when one gets a "temp-to-permanent" position, one is under contract with said temp agency, making severely reduced wages, for SIX WEEKS. That's four weeks, four days more for me. At least I don't have to wonder when those above me will decide to transition me into the actual job position with benefits and all... that would be four weeks and four days from now.

The secrets! The sacrifice!!

To the right is a portrait of our two boys, Max and Henry Chinasky. This is where they spend their days when I remember to open the curtain for them. This is where I spent my days with them before Debt Servitude kicked in. The countdown begins.

No knitting to show, since it's all secrets, secrets.

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Bambi said...

Your photographic talent resurfaces. This is a beautiful picture. The sun.