Friday, March 2, 2007

The ones who help us

pay our COBRA health insurance bills are never forgotten when it comes to knitted goods.

If anyone does not know what COBRA is, lucky you. You are either exceptionally young, healthy, prescription-free and reckless, or you have never quit a job at which you had health insurance.

In any case, this is a sneak peak of the shawl for my mom that is currently blocking on the floor. My own simple design; photos and details upon its arrival. I know you're looking, mom and Dr. Wheels.

In other news, my new job includes a real wood floor in my tiny office, as well as a built-in real wood desk, small, yes, but wood. So warm and rustic that I got a splinter in my foot Monday when changing from my winter boots into my work shoes. The Faux-Oak name plate I got when I was a state bureaucrat has nothing on this.

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Bambi said...

I think this is how to survive March--sharing gifts!