Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Positively SPARTAN!!!!

First, WHEELS OF FURY!!! It reached my Dad today, so there will be photos to come. My Dad was in a freak motorcycle accident a year and a half ago which severed his spinal cord between C6 and C7 and did all sorts of other damage from which he recovered with the speed and determination of one possessed.

Note: when riding a motorcycle, please wear the absolutely best helmet you can purchase. The best helmet is the reason my Dad suffered absolutely no brain damage.

Due to Helmet and Weaver stubbornness, he returned to teaching (high school math) part-time about six months after the accident. Six months later he was back to work full time. Oh, and building a frightening upper body in his home gym. And riding one of those hand-pedaled bikes. This hat is my tribute to him. I feel unworthy wearing it, but this will have to do until he sends me a photo of himself.

To what can one compare such heroism? Well...

I bring you the yarn for: 300: THE SWEATER. Soon to come: 300: THE SWATCH. The colors and all, well, it was irresistible.

Until then, see the movie if you want a stunning work of art that actually reflects much of the Greek conception of self and nation during the period of war with the Persians. Did I note that I was an academic in a previous life?


Bambi said...

How did we raise such an amazing daughter? We are not worthy.

nicole said...

What an awesome hat, for what sounds like an awesome dad! I LOVE the flames peeling from the spinning wheels. Very cool!!!