Saturday, March 17, 2007


I'm taking advantage of yesterday's snowfall and spending the weekend wearing
jammies and knitting. While I work on projects I can't show anyone yet, here's the portable knitting I take on my commute. First, a basic top-down sock in something called "Maxi Ringel." I believe this is a discontinued yarn. The fact that I love the way it knits up makes up for the fact that it is splitty and therefore not all that easy to knit. It also has the positive quality of being very, very durable. I made Chris a pair of Maxi Ringel socks two years ago, have been washing them in the delicate cycle of the machine about every 2 weeks, and they still look great.

The green one is a Yukon Leaves sock (I printed this pattern out years ago, and am not sure if that link will work...), knit in Socks that Rock lightweight, color: Emerald Isle. No complaints about the quality of this yarn.

While staging these photos on the porch, I locked myself out of the house... choices were to wait until Chris got out of the shower and could hear my yelling and door-pounding or to run through the quickly-accumulating snow drifts around our apartment building to our back door. Chris was taking his time, so I did the latter. That was enough "outside" for a while.


Bambi said...

The hint, the hint!

weaverknits said...

Hey, did you read Augusten Burroughs' "Magical Thinking?" The Junior Mints bit?

Bambi said...

am i culturally illerate?

weaverknits said...

Not at all, but I certainly would check it out. There's a bit in there about an ad he works on for Junior Mints that is priceless for its depiction of both his drunken brilliance as an ad man as well as the complete lack of imagination in the corporate world.