Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Hampshire Sheep and Wool

See how restrained I was? That's all I got! We will be going to the Maine Fiber Frolic, so this trip was about visiting vendors that would not be in Maine. You know who you are, Grafton Fibers. Those batts in my left arm, yeah, those are Grafton Fibers. Even a novice spinner like myself can easily make a smooth, even yarn out of batts this sweet. I'll give details about the rest in the next post, as I start working with some of the fibers.

Chris and I parked about 11 miles from the Hopkinton Fairgrounds and rode our bikes along back roads through the Merrimack Valley to and from the Festival. However, I got us lost, and we rode far, far more miles on the way there. Part of this extra loop (yay fitness, right?) took us seriously offroad. Chris posed me on the trail for this "pack mule" photo.

Once there, we had buffalo cheesesteaks, and Chris was happy... we were happy. (By the way, buffalo is DELICIOUS, and we got to meet the farm owners, who were lovely people with a beautiful daughter who was helping to man their small stand. We're planning to go visit the farm!) Being active outdoors, enjoying delicious food, shopping for fiber, speaking with and watching the fiber experts... these are all things we love. And the ride back to the car was only 11 miles.


Elinor said...

Ah, what a fun ride, even if it was a bit longer than expected! All in the name of fiber!!

Macoco said...

I hope I have your restraint when I go to the MA S&W next weekend. That bike ride looks like it was a lot of fun!