Thursday, May 3, 2007

@ work

While The Chris works 15-hour days to finish The Big House in Weston (Chris does high-end interior painting and is currently supervising the painting aspect of a new McMansion west of Boston) and I am awash in Mother's Day surprise knitting, commission knitting, and upcoming patterns (including one for the June issue of MagKnits, so stay tuned!) and my Job-job becomes a larger pile of paper every day, well, I find amusement in the small things.

Example: a Statement of Account Billing sent to a laboratory connected to my department reading:

Charges for Radioactive Waste
1 Large bag(s) x $120.00 = $120.00
Yep, 1 Large bag(s).

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Bambi said...

Finding joy in small corners...what a gift! You take after your mother.