Tuesday, May 15, 2007

SNP: Put a fork in it!

It's the Sarah's Nieces' Pullover (SNP)! Actually one of two (thank you, Hannah, for making the other one, which I hear is finished) for a set of 4-year-old twins, this is one of my own designs, made from Rowan Pure Wool DK. It's not yet blocked, since I'm waiting to get Hannah's (god bless her, I was emailing her bits of the pattern as I went along) so I can block our slightly-different knitting tensions into one identical size.

Pure Wool DK: A little splitty while knitting, but washes up very nicely in the machine. Soft, too! It's also available in a large range of colors, the majority of which are far less garish... wait, let's put a positive spin on that... "immediately attractive to children" than these.

On a side note, does anyone think it's a little weird that Vicky Howell's picture is on the ballbands of her yarns?


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