Saturday, July 7, 2007

Socks, various and sundry

So I got a package in the mail yesterday from Elinor! When she realized that her socks were pooling a way that didn't really suit her, I volunteered to trade a nice skein of my sock yarn for her socks. She received a skein of deep purple Sea Wool, and I received THESE!!! They're made of Woolarina sock yarn in the "Grapefruit" color, and are JUST my style and a perfect fit. I can't wait to wear them to work! Thanks, Elinor!
Moving on to some finished objects, here's a pair of socks started in January that I finally finished up. They're made of Froeliche Maxi-Ringel, and if anyone could tell me if there's any place in the USA from which I could order this yarn that would be fantastic. I love it, despite its lack of sproing and softeness, especially compared to the Woolarina. Oh, and these are for ME. That's TWO pairs for me! And one more pair: These are for the Christmas Present stash, for someone who will just have to wait. They're made from some Meilenweit I got in Germany; the pattern, I believe, is named "Fun." After completing these, I thought, "yeah, that is Fun." Why all this finishing? Well, I've joined the Tour de France Knitalong, and will ONLY be working on my Hanne Falkenburg Mermaid until the tour is over. So expect lots of pictures of garter stitch. My goal is to finish it, but even if I don't, the dent I make will make getting it done before fall manageable. Would I rather be working on some original designs or making more baby booties? Well, yeah, but I REALLY want to wear Mermaid, and I'm gonna!!!


Anonymous said...

yippee, a fellow Mermaid/Tour de France KAL knitter! greetings from across the pond!

Elinor said...

Oh, I'm sooooooooooooo relieved that they fit! Woo! And that you like them! Good luck finding more Froeliche - it's discontinued, I believe. Too bad too.

knotology said...

Nice socks!

Knitters Underground in PA has that sock yarn (well they did the last time I was there!), but it's not on their website, you probably have to call them. here's the URL: