Monday, March 23, 2009


Thanks to all my guessers last post! I believe the finale of Drag Race will air tonight, and my girl Nina should take it easily, making it imperative for me to find out when the Absolut Pride Tour will pass through Boston so I can see her in person in all her larger-than-life quirky fabulousness.

Edited to add: I watched the finale and am saddened by Nina's loss. Bebe is really fierce and her look is larger-than-life, even if it's not my style, so I applaud her.

And the randomly-drawn winner of handspun is: Madgoogler! Please write me at with your favorite colors!!! Oh, and Miss Jill, please email me as well, because you have won a prize for making me aware of the show in the first place.

Since I'm knitting like crazy under some serious deadlines (and I'm holding myself to a very high standard for these projects, which are very much my point of view), let me showcase the coolest stuff from other knitters. First, Hannah sent me a happy-almost-spring present:

Tone-on-tone Malabrigo that I think is particularly 60's fabulous with the Big Trotsky Look.

Secondly, check out Craftivore's mittens made from my 2-ply chunky handspun! I love the way the yarn knit up, and this is a fantastic non-hat use for cosy handspun. Chris has been pestering me for such a pair of mittens, so after the deadlines I'll make him a handspun pair.

Finally, behold the Tempest Twinset by knittyvritty. We'd emailed eachother about the idea of a coordinating tank (her suggestion), and I'm blown away by what she created, how it echoes the design details of the cardigan but stands alone as well. I'm kicking myself for trading away the leftover yarn from my own Tempest.

And I've spun more yarn. This one is heavy worsted weight, 146 yards, and will make one long transition from red-brown to blue-brown. It's merino and super, super soft. Progressive color-shifting Shackleton Hat? I think so! Check it out on etsy!


Telmah said...

I'm hardly the twinset type, but I have been wondering what I'll wear under my Tempest when it's finished in a few weeks. (Other than *everything,* I am thinking it will be my go-to air-conditioning cover-up.) I think I might have enough yarn leftover for a tank if I invert the color pattern... hmm.

Shelly said...

I have your leftover yarn from Tempest. Contact me if you'd like to "trade" it back :^)

craftivore said...

Thanks for the mention! Remember, the drag queens are all winners. I loved watching the little bit that I did online, why had I not heard about it? It's worthy of a lot more publicity than it's getting.

hannah said...

Ooh, I definitely want your family bread recipe! I'd even trade you for my family recipe, which is for a sweet braided coffee bread made with lots of milk and butter and cardamom.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! :D
I can't seem to find your email...
Mine is at yahoo, bitterwaitress72
I LOVE those glasses, lady!

madgoogler said...

Thanks for the "Drag Race" link--I had so much fun watching--and thanks for the fun contest! I am happy to have won some (I'm sure) lovely yarn!
Sorry that Nina did not win, but now that she has had TV exposure, more success should come her way--especially so with her style and talent.
Speaking of style and talent, congrats on your Wall-of-Fame feat!