Friday, March 6, 2009

Time for OPP

Other People's Patterns, that is. This is my most recent finished object, a test knit of Hannah Ingalls' (iknityouknot) Effervescence Hat, a pattern which is now available for purchase... it's a lot of fun for $3, and can be made in any worsted-weight yarn you have around. Bobbles can easily overwhelm a design, at least for my style, but in this case I think the look is really modern since the bobbles are the main design element, rather than being combined with other flowery or cabled motifs.

I think it looks great with my one of my wardrobe staples these days, The Black Sweatshirt (add that to the Too Large Cropped Fatigues and I'm good to go).

I've been preoccupied with life issues lately, so designing is temporarily on hold... I'm just too distracted. However, spinning is going on full tilt, so there will be more in the etsy shop early next week... I'm also working on a few simple pattern ideas that make use of handspun, including the use of handspun odds and ends to accentuate simple knits.

Pull self together and deal with life, take a deep breath, spin, deep breath...


rebecca said...

The handspun looks great, makes me want to spin again!
Keep going :-)

Herzliche Grüße, rebecca

Salty Miss Jill said...

Oh, fabulous!
Hang in there, sister. We got your back.

Rebecca said...

Looking forward to some new yarn in the Etsy shop! Hope things get better soon!

- Steffi - said...

That hat is too cool!