Monday, March 2, 2009

Michigan Boys

wear Weaverknits hats! These two hats were done by my friend CJ in my home city of Grand Rapids, MI. Matthew, on the left, wears a Nouveau Sack Hat (pattern available for download to your right) and David, on the right, wears a Shackleton Hat, made from some of my very own handspun that CJ won in a silent auction to benefit the family of one of my mom's students.

Both Matthew and David are students in a gifted and talented program called ACT that my mom runs in her district's public schools. The kids have a worm poop farm (the poop is actually called "castings", and is a valuable fertilizer), Lego Robotics competitions, crazy recycling drives that my mom organizes (tons -- literally -- of platic bags filled her classroom last year - you can see the kids lounging in this bag mountain on the website I linked above), all the sorts of learning activities that do not involve or prepare a kid for any sort of quantifiable testing. I wish I had been part of something like this when I was younger... I think it would have curbed the cynical slacker attitude I had toward school until I got to college and New York City.

In the next post I'll share my own knitting, but right now I'm finishing up a quick and awesome secret test knit (pattern available soon!), and just sent out the final pattern for a design that will be available in June - for free! I promise more spinning as well, as all my yarn has sold (you guys really are the best).

As for Unemployment, well, things will come out right. Thanks for all the support. And hey, more free time is more patterns, free and otherwise. Everyone wins, when winning does not involve money, and the kind that doesn't involve money is always the best kind.


Salty Miss Jill said...

You're wonderful and fabulous and have such a great attitude. :)
Everything WILL all work out.
These hats look terrific, too!

craftivore said...

Shakleton is breeding! Even long after his demise he is still virile. The kids look adorable in their hats.

craftivore said...

BTW, I just got the yarn and it's gorgeous (and up on the blog!).

Erssie said...

I love square hats, especially for colourwork because you can put a lot on, use it as a swatch to test designs and use it like a picture frame.

Have a few square hats myself brewing....with Celtic knotwork on for a new book.

Love your little wee square hats for wee dudes!

Kelly said...

I just wanted to let you know that I first started following your blog when I saw a sweater pattern of yours that I loved in Knitty. So this morning I am trying to catch up on unread blogs and was reading your recent post. I live in Grandville, work in Grand Rapids, and went to Jenison High School. I know you mentioned Michigan before but did not realize your link to the state was so close!