Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You Better WORK!

Okay, so most of my current knitting is for future publication and can't be shared, but I have two new favorite things in my life, and I'm going to share them. First, Costco. Before Monday, March 16, 2009, I had never been to a Costco... on that date, mom and dad Bergh took me. I was not prepared for the crazy awesome that was Costco.

Now I have 25 pounds of King Arthur Flour (employee owned, that company, why buy flour from anyone else?), 10 pounds of sugar, a 7-pound can of tomatoes (it was $3.49), a pound of cinnamon, 9 pairs of gym socks, and the other goodies pictured above. Thank you Bergh parents for helping feed the Weaver-Bergh family!

When I told my friend Hannah that I had made my first Costco visit, her response was: "Did you know that you can buy coffins at Costco? And that you can buy a PINK one!??" Now I know. Now YOU all know.

Let me not forget New Favorite Thing Number Two. RuPaul's Drag Race. Words fail. Go see it and see if you can guess who my FAVORITE is. Write your guess in my comments, I'll draw a winner from the correct answers, and I'll send you a skein of handspun yarn in a color scheme of your choice, girlfriend. Thanks for this one, Jill, I mean it.

Many people who have made my very first knitty pattern, Neiman, have remarked that the waist shaping takes place too quickly, and my mom agreed and asked to have her Neiman's waist shaping redone. She's my mom, I love her, so I ripped out the bottom 7 inches and reknit it... and the hem facing... you can see the reknit portion because it's kinky from the reused yarn (a good soak will clear that up). Love you, mom, and thanks for helping feed the Weaver-Bergh family!

More yarn for etsy coming soon. In the meantime, MAKE YOUR GUESSES!!! AND MAY THE BEST WOMAN WIN!!!


marianne said...

I love Costco, but some of my favorite items are not available anymore. I recently bought a big shaker of Saigon cinnamon and love it. good thing, too, since I won't be running out of it any time soon.

I'm going to guess that your favorite is Rebecca Glasscock. I have no rationale for this but I thought I'd venture a guess.

marian said...

i have a hard time deciding between nena and ongina.

i used to go to costco, but always ended up with waaay too much food.

Thea said...

Costo's hilarious - and awesome - I still own garbanzo beans from my first visit ever which was like 9 years ago (really, who needs THAT many cans of garbanzo beans?) But I'm amused by the coffins.

Glad to hear you have some more knits in the works.. can't wait to see what they are!

hannah said...

I'm going to say Ongina, based on their photos and descriptions and not (yet) on watching the episode.

knitography said...

How could it not be Nina Flowers???

craftivore said...

Thanks for clueing me into the Drag Race, they are ALL winners. I love Porkchop and Ongina. I'm guessing your fave is the punky fabulous Nina Flowers. I had no idea you could buy coffins at Costco, bizarre. We have a BJs, which is the same thing. What are you going to do with a pound of cinnamon?

Kiriko said...

Mmmmm...Costco. My latest score from there was a dozen manilla mangos!

I'm betting that your fave is Nina Flowers. :)

OzB said...

I just joined Costco after buying at SAMS club for a few years. But SAMS club closed down a couple of weeks ago, so back to Costco I go.

I haven't watched the show, but I think maybe Ongina :-)

Sue said...

Coffins at Costco? That is cool. Now that I live in a place with almost no storage I can no longer shop there.

They are all fab. I guess Tammie Brown.

madgoogler said...

OMG! I watched 5 episodes today while finishing the edging for a little girl's tank top which will be a 4-year-old's birthday gift tomorrow. (I might be the world's slowest knitter.)

We have no TV but I'm sure glad that I can watch stuff on the Net now. Drag Race is something I've never heard of, and it is such a far cry from the Bill Moyers Journal shows that I watch on the 'Net.

Anyway, my guess is that your fave is Nina Flowers. She is also my fave, although Ongina is very pretty, sweet, and was raised in the same country where I was. She looks so much like my girlfriends from high school and seems like someone I would like to be my girlfriend now.

I love your blog and your designs. I am a newish knitter and just discovered your blog in the last 6 months or so. Thanks for sharing all your work and for your blog.

And tomorrow, I might be going to Costco for the first time! :)

Salty Miss Jill said...

Miss Nina Flowers!
Glad you enjoy, darling!

Andrea said...

Love the color on that Neiman