Monday, June 14, 2010

Knitting it is!

I promised photos... here are photos! Teasing photos!

There is garter stitch.

For more and better garter stitch photos, see Andrea's blog here. She's sample knitting massive garter stitch and has much better photos that I do!

There's also yellow. Of course. And swatches. Alpaca swatches.

There is one sleeve completed at the pub during Germany vs. Australia yesterday. 4-0!!! GO GERMANY!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sample Knitter: Do you have mad finishing skills? Intarsia knowledge?

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for all the support! I have a sample knitter for this garment!

Please, however, do email me if you are interested in sample knitting. I have many, many projects of various sizes coming up in mid-July, and I'm keeping a spreadsheet of volunteer sample knitters for upcoming work. Just let me know your ravelry name and/or blog address and the sorts of things you feel comfortable knitting or particularly like to knit! My email is:

I promise: PHOTOS OF KNITTING in the next post.

Monday, June 7, 2010

ISO Sample Knitters!

Helloooo blog readers! I know some of you have mentioned test knitting for me in your comments, and the time has come! Here are the details (I have also posted these to my Friends of Weaverknits group on Ravelry (did you know I have one? You can join it here).

Here is the general spiel:

I’m working on a self-published collection of patterns that I hope to complete by the end of August. Though I have been firmly committed to knitting every stitch of every design I create myself, for this book there are a few pieces that I am just not going to have time to finish. So here are the details:
  • You will not be TEST knitting; you will be SAMPLE knitting. The pattern you receive will be technically edited when you receive it, and will be something that I have already knit, most likely in a different size/color scheme/with variations. That being said, the pattern may not be perfect, so be on the lookout for anything that is unclear or incorrect.
  • Because this is sample knitting, the work must be PERFECT. It will be coming on trunk shows with me and photographed for the publication.
  • A bummer: You will not get to keep your sample. I will need it for quite some time, and it will likely be handled by a lot of people.

So here’s the deal: I’m going to be posting individual requests for individual projects. What I can offer you:

  • Payment via PayPal or personal check. The amout of payment will depend on the project you knit.
  • Credit in the publication for your knitting, as well as a link to your blog/store/whatever you like.

I will send you the yarn for your sample, and send you the pattern electronically.

Here's the first project!

The first project has been assigned! WOW!!! Tune in for more!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

My family

This is my mom and dud, recently in the news:

Just saying.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Post-deadline fatigue

I'm through with you, Size 4 16-inch circular needles.

I have absolutely no knitting to show you. I have just completed two accessory designs, and the patterns for them, over the past five days. Not because I procrastinated, no, it was because I only had FIVE DAYS once the yarn arrived. It hurts, it hurts me!!!

Behold the trash that has accumulated at my jobjob bus stop. When I started this job 3 1/2 weeks ago, the trash collection included only those two large styro cups with the orange straws. Now there's a new element nearly every day. It's nice to have things to watch.

As a break from knit-fest Memorial Day weekend, Chris and I picked strawberries. We now have gallons of flash-frozen strawberries, 23 jars of jams, and have consumed a lot of strawberry slump. If you read that link, note that the slump is the same as the grunt. Heh heh.