Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Inspiration: Old and New

Sorry for the light content of these posts, but I've been pulled in too many directions to translate thoughts to coherent content here on the blog, so bear with me until things calm (if they calm).

Jane, a knitter from Tulsa, sent me this photo of her unbelievable finished Whiteness of the Whale (being modeled in Stitches of Tulsa):

I love the pale gray color. It reminds me of Matt Kish's illustration of Timor Tom, another famous whale mentioned in Moby-Dick. I'm going to have to knit one of these for myself. Technically I could wear the sample, but with my history of light-colored clothing and coffee spills, I avoid it. Gray would be good for me.

And now, more inspiration in no particular order:

Container ships and shipbreaking:

Would anyone be interested in accessory designs based on container ships and shipbreaking? Anyone? I'm thinking . . . a club. Is this crazy? Am I off on one of my totally unmarketable ideas?

Baltimore graffiti:

A shipment from Sweet Fiber—all sorts of White Whale and shipbreaking goodness in those colors. The golden yellow on the bottom left is already being knit into a sample for White Whale Vol. 2. Sweet Fiber's specialty is "colored grays," and wow, is it ever. These yarns are STUNNING and the picture doesn't do them justice—I hope the finished projects will.

Shipbreaking, anyone? Rusty tankers? Anyone?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Things

Project Manager job (part-time, of course)
Square Shawls
More soon!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Michigan Adventure

No, not Michigan's Adventure (of which I have fond childhood memories, especially after they added the water park. I get unreasonably excited about water parks). After a great trunk show at Country Needleworks in Jenison in late December, I'll be returning to teach several different workshops, sign books, and hang out and knit. You can see the calendar of events here.

Country Needlworks has a TON of different yarns, and I hear they're stocking up on different fingering weight options in preparation for my Color Theory and Albers Cowl classes, which are fingering-weight color pairing fiestas!

Speaking of color pairing, we've been working on the studio, which now has heat, a custom-made work table, 8 feet by 4 feet (Chris' Valentine's Day present to me):

and window frames that I painted in two different yellows (first coat):

and, come Thursday, there will also be CARPETING.

As for the knitting, it's been sweaters sweaters sweaters, none of which I can show you. Sweaters for men, sweaters for women, sweaters knit in one piece, bottom up, top down, knit in pieces, raglans, side-to-side sweaters, intarsia, stranded patterns, cables, cardigans, pullovers, sweaters sweaters sweaters. I am SO WEARY of designing sweaters that when I finish the final sweater in this march of sweaters (currently in progress!) I'm going to enjoy a dedicated month o' accessory designs! I'm motivated!