Thursday, May 1, 2014

Welcome, Stranger

to the humble neighborhood!

Sorry for the prolonged absence. I've been working, working, working--primarily copyediting, but also designing, knitting, and teaching. Louise's schedule is also packed.

A lot of what I've been knitting has been influence by my neighborhood, consciously or unconsciously. The neighborhood is a mix of abandoned houses, friendly people, trash, unexpected artwork, crack dealers, and lovely row houses from the turn of the century, most of which are in disrepair.

There's always something happening (usually it involves sirens).

My favorite recent design is Magnificent Oyster, a shawl knit in Stonehedge Fiber Mill Crazy. I first saw this yarn at Clever Ewe in Ada, Michigan, and went bananas. Since then I've accumulated quite a pile of it. Magnificent Oyster uses three skeins, although you could easily use more skeins to make it even larger.

It reminds me of a rag rug. It is a rag rug to wear.

I found the perfect location for photos a few blocks from my house. Look closely: It says JESES. Note: There's ANOTHER house two doors down that's also covered in glass and mirror mosaic (which says FAITH in cursive letters), owned by the same guy. He was working outside this house the other day, creating a mosaic window, and I got a chance to chat with him.

Look even more closely and you'll see me in the bottom-left corner, quickly piling on my winter clothes (it was COLD the day of the photo shoot).

Another recent design is Traction Street, named after the street that intersects my block just past my house. Ah, Traction Street, with its run-down houses and Eastside/Westside graffiti.

I used Neighborhood Fiber Co. Capital Luxury Sock in the colors Penn North (my neighborhood, which is YELLOW) and Upton (a neighborhood just south of mine, which is black). Any two colors of fingering-weight yarn will work. It's slipped stitches, so only one color per row.

And now I'm out the door to the airport, heading to TNNA for the first time. I'll be teaching tomorrow and hanging around on Saturday. Say hi if you see me!