Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Get your Albers Shawl for $44.40

So I was just browsing the Web, looking at yarn colors and fibers for some new designs, and noticed that Purl Soho has Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb, the yarn I used for the Albers Shawl, on sale for $11.10 a ball. One ball in each of four colors and you'll have hours and hours and HOURS AND HOURS of knitting entertainment, and someday a finished object that people will want to buy right off you.

I feel like I just found a great yard sale or something.

Check it out.

The pattern is here. That's a total of $49.40. Just sayin.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weaverknits is not a lifestyle

Today at work, post-5 hours sleep: Realized I was wearing skinny jeans, old boots, a huge Russian sailor's jersey from a military surplus store in Helsinki, and a faded black hoodie covered with cat hair. Why? Why? Called into all-staff meeting.

Later realized sailor jersey was on backwards and Cyrillic tag had been protruding from front of neck.

Had a fabulous trip to Philly and realized that this is basically the only photo I took.

More on Philly after a good. night's. sleep.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some Scarves for You!

Lookit! I just got my copy of the new book, Simple Hip Knit Scarves, and I have two designs inside. Look, that's one of them rolled up on the green background (love this photo). Both are simple, stripey things, perfect to knit for gifts or for yourself. Stormy Weather, below, took me all of 2 days to knit. It has a bumpy, reversible stripe pattern and fringe, and it's super long! I love that.

The second design is Bryant Park, more of a kerchief than a scarf, meant to be looped or tied as an accent piece... however, wrapped several times, this would be very warm with a winter coat. The stripes on the bias use a slipped-stitch pattern, so you only use one yarn in a given row and, though it's knit on small (US 4) needles, it move along quickly. The pattern is both written and charted.

Enjoy! I got my samples back and am wearing them all the time!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good news all around!

Ripped from the headlines... TORONTO!

I was there for a week, and had a trunk show at Lettuce Knit, where you can now find my book if you missed me!

And, in pants news, this just in from Amy:

pants is still in process. I have however acquired one pair. They are supposed to be 3/4-length, but I can wear them ankle-length. The length might be a bit awkward/too short for flat footwear but look good with heals or tucked into boots. The waist-to-hip ratio is absolutely perfect!! They are ralph lauren. Although very un-cheap, they are not, not, not the pair by the same brand that also fit me like a magic glove but cost $998!! I really need to find an outlet.

In other efforts to cover my legs, I guess I will buy more skirts. I've also gotten excited about a pair of those cute woolen shorts! For jeans I'm planning to dredge the racks of Forever 21 (where my one pair of current jeans are from). Bloggers should know that this joe's jeans brand (especially the 'honey/booty fit', apparently that's what it's called!) has been suggested not only by a blog responder, but also two store clerks, and a random shopper, so we must be onto something! I will check it out, though jeans run $150-$200 and i really need to be more frugal after my one indulgence...


More on Toronto soon. Meanwhile, if you're in the Boston area, what are YOU doing this week? I'll be talking at the Stoneham Knitter's Guild tomorrow night, and will be having a trunk show at Yarns in the Farms this Saturday, November 13. Why don't you come to one or both?